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Christ's Death and Resurrection and Al Green's Life! by Marvin

Tired of Being Alone seems like a secular song, an ode to a woman that Al longs for and wants us to long for, but is it really that?  I propose that Christ was working in Al from the start through his own lyrics that he may not have even written, or at least not with “those” intentions.   Listen carefully to the words:

"Sometimes I wonder, if you love me like you say you do.  I've been thinking about it yeah, I've been wantin’ to get next to you baby!  Sometimes I hold my arms and I say, needing you has proven to me to be my Greatest Dream.”

I propose to you that Christ worked in Al's heart to tell him, "Al, I love your songs, all your songs, but can you write and sing them for me as well, can you lament over me, my death, and my resurrection?  Can you come and sit at my table so I can help you create another table (Concert tables) for others to hear my message through you?  Because through you they will hear me in many ways, through, so called secular and gospel because you’re a great instrument for The Kingdom?  Can you do that?   They’ve been listening to your amazing songs their entire life.  From age 56 down to 26, they all still love you.   Tell them about your old songs, but let them know you’re a pastor, an ambassador for Christ, write a few for me, yes?"   And I believe that Al said, “Yes Lord” And that’s what he does today.  He sings the old songs with the subliminal messages, but he also sings the gospel songs to the same audience…and they love him.  Or is Christ smiling sitting on the right hand side of the Father going, “I told you Al would work it out.”   

I believe that Al Green, who within six months of signing with Staxx Records, a famous Memphis, Tennessee record label, was a major star.   This also caused him to have a meteoric rise to fame, women, money, success, and a hot batch of grits (girl in a hotel) dumped on him.  And I believe that knowing that Christ let him survive that, Al Green eventually said, “Yes Lord, I will follow you”.   Let me tell you, having not experienced a "come to Jesus moment" like that (but in other ways) I will say that if a hot pot of grits is thrown on you by a fine woman, like Nia Long, Eva Mendez, Lucy Liu, or Diane Lane, or even Halle Berry, is not going get you to come to Christ, I don't know what will!  I think Al ran to Christ and sang all songs for all people.  He had the audiences of young and old, rich and middle class, black and white.  Christ had him set the table, break the bread, and celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ in a concert for everyone every time he touches a microphone. 

Personally, even though I attend a Presbyterian church (which I love my church) I'm not a "religious" person.  I am a fallen human full of sin in s many areas of my life that I really do feel like Al Green.  Having Christ use me for the benefit of all, believers, for we are still sinners, and non-believers who Christ wants me to meet and set a table for them as well. 

My paraphrased version of Christ's Death goes like this:

I'm a follower of the man they took at roughly 35 years of age and had so called,  "religious leaders" of the time asked Him, "who do you say you are?"   He confessed to be who they thought He said he was, (Christ the Messiah) the One sent by God as God in Christ.  Then a church leader tore his clothes, mashed his teeth, turned him over to the Romans who were just trying to kick it and not have a billion Hebrews go crazy over their so called God!  “But fine", said Pontius Pilate, "you say he did something, fine.  But what has he done? Never mind, crucify him then”.  Christ then carried his own cross to his own death, all planned by His Father, God, by using Judas as one of the main people at the table of the last supper (God uses who he needs to use for His purpose), then Christ must have thought, “it's really happening, I will die for the entire world.  I pray they actually believe me when they use B.C and A.D, will they at least see and honor that?”   

And then it happened; He (Christ) was actually being nailed to the Roman gibbet, by stretching his hands to the east and west of the cross, pierced in the palm of his hands with nails.  His legs were broken so it quickens the death, His feet were then placed together as one larger nail was placed through probably the middle toes of one foot and penetrated the other, a stacked look if you will, as the pain of all those nails would cause you to pass out, go numb, or just scream in agony...maybe all three.   And then He would have to survive, for it still wasn't His time, being placed in a small dug out ditch that when the cross was placed upright, it didn't' tip over.  This is Rome; they were amazing at planning all things.   The cross then bounced in and stood upright.  And maybe for a moment, He (God in Christ as human) got a little rest, at least nothing was being pierced.  Now the mocking came, bullying in today's terms, as if He hadn't suffered enough. And God says, “No, you haven't, for the entire world must look to this and come to me at the table of broken bread, and spilled wine”.    So, more suffering, mocking and then eventually as the skies grew dark, death--upon a cross--planned by His father--and executed by Him, with help  of Rome,  but really, we’re all responsible for that death.    His entourage begged for his body that had been literally flogged and beaten to a pulp, then He was put in a tomb.  The next day Mary came to see him.  He was not in the tomb.  

And I heard that Al Green song again, "Sometimes I wonder, if you love me like you say you do.  I've been wanting to get next to you”.  I hear Christ asking me that in the midst of that song.  So, I say to you, ask me again if I’m a “religious person.”   I say no, I'm a listener of a great Al Green songs that I believe Christ, all powerful, can use even that as a way to reach me(us).  Tomorrow, please listen, and see if you can set a table, break some bread, and pour some wine to celebrate The Resurrection of Christ as the greatest love song ever written.  Thanks Al Green for your ear for Christ.  Christ does love you like he says he does; Happy Resurrection Day Everyone.  
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